Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lisa's book: Roots...beneath the layers

As the fifth and final member of this artful collaboration  I am
pleased to finally be revealing some progress on my book!

 This is my original antique photograph book
belonging to my family. It only had a few photos inside...
one of which I will be using in one of my page designs.
The cover is too beautiful to completely conceal.

My theme is "Roots.. beneath the layers" a common theme for me when it comes to art.
My idea was to constuct a book that is full of layered elements
 which were part of something else at one time.
The wood piece to the right is the inside back of an old cuckoo clock
with part of the mechanism attached. I've attached chunks of rusty
metal pieces that I've found on top along
with a silk cocoon wired with beads.
The other wood pieces are from an old printers tray and the rusty chain
belonged to the cuckoo clock. The twig bundle on the side will be added
at a later time as I can't send them on the journey overseas.
Not being able to use twigs and sticks in this piece until it returns
to the states has provided a interesting challenge for me.

I assembled the nest from wire and beads and vintage fabric pieces.
The name "Roots" sits upon a leather strap from an old camera.
I've added the numbers 3 and 2 at the bottom to reflect a reoccuring
theme of 5 that will appear throughout the book...
chosen to represent the five artists
who are the heart and soul of this project.
The nest sits at the center as its architecture represents
the ultimate amalgamation of found elements.

The brass handle on the front from came from another photograph album.
As you can see from the side...the cover is quite bulky...
as I have a hard time working flat.
Sorry..'s not heavy though...for postage sake!
Altered book or Assemblage?


  1. Great covers Lisa, can't wait to peek inside. Love the ideas you have here, the assemblage style of it! Perhaps an assembook, LOL!

  2. omg, omg. i knew your book would be amazing beyond words but i never could have dreamed of this utter masterpiece! this is amazing beyond words! i am in total awe, lady. this is magnificent and beautiful and gorgeous and perfectly amazing. all of the details and textures and pieces tell so many stories themselves and this... wow. an assembook indeed! i'm just giddy over here thinking of all that can be done on your pages. great job!!

  3. That was weird I thought I had put a comment through 20 seconds a go! Well what I was saying was that I love all this layering technique. The depth of meaning is so appealing. The cuckoo clock part looks so like a panpipes.


  4. OMG, I kid you not when I say that I think I may just die of happiness the day this arrives in my mail the bird/bird nest and cuckoo clock all the elements. I am seriously excited about all of it! I hope my books not feels naked in comparison to this wonderful piece! Seth used the word Asemblook for his book similar to this. Coining new terms here or am I just behind??

  5. Thank you everyone for your were probably wondering if i was ever going to surface! i had a really hard time doing this without twigs...i had to have several glasses of sake to get out of my twig mode...I kid you not! Lisa, I was thinking about Seth's new word assemblook when i was posting this!

  6. As you can see, I've finally caught up with all these threads! Work has been so busy keeping me away from the computer and catching up with all this IMPORTANT stuff!
    Wow Lisa, you've once again outdone yourself! What an awesome title/theme to go with. I love the spirals earthy and pagan and peasanty. I love it!!! I have the most wonderful idea for this book of yours...muh ha ha!!
    Oh and Lisa S - I get you on the mail and the blog posting bit. I think you've come up with a good master plan there. I'll definitely be ready to post by the 15th and Kim, good luck with the shifting. I love shifting (crazy huh?) it's a good time to really think about what you wanna keep and what's gotta go!

  7. the cover is just sensational, what an amazing piece!

  8. ooh, i bet not using twigs has been very difficult indeed! i'm trying to think of how i'll do my page(s) in yours without twigs too. but at least i can mail them directly to you and tell you where they were intended to go. i have a small collection of things from my gardens for your book... or at least that is what i gathered them for (before ever seeing it, mind you). i think some will work perfectly!

  9. This book cover is just tremendous. Such great bits and pieces you have added here already!!