Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kim's Book- Fragments,Vestiges & Remains

Update #2-Covers Completed -25 October

Well I have finished the covers of the book at last, well at least as much as they will be done before they zoom off to all the other collaborators for their round the globe trip. I have more to add, a collection of brass fittings, but will add none of these items until the book makes it's final return back to me here in the land of tropical paradise. Too much postage weight!

I have added a fragment of book text.

Well I did say a fragment!

Then I filled the niche with the remains of a burned photograph...

and the vestiges of the belt buckle after its transformation...

I add a few other details...

the remnants of some chain...

all that remains of some beads I have particularly liked...

and the covers have come together at last.

So here it is...

'Fragments Vestiges and Remains'

a story about the little pieces...
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Update #1 Cover Play - 21 October
Well blog readers, time to progress on.

After all the fun of burning it's time to change the colour of the covers. The deep blue isn't really what I'm after so it's time for some colour fun. After a little contemplation I decided I rather liked the boards and their aged fabric look so why not just give them a small renovation, and update their colour. Bit like one's home really. I decided to add some walnut ink, I love the oldtime feel this ink gives to everything it touches. A third of a bottle and 2 drying days later to make sure the boards and covers are completely dry,
here's the result...

Better I think. As I said it has kept the book covers natural distressed look without changing anything except the colour.

I like it!

I decide to continue with the inking fun and have dyed some fabric remnants to add to the covers.
Gotta keep with the theme here! LOL!

I have kept going with the walnut ink to build on the aged look for the covers, dying the cheese cloth and tulle to match the new colours.

Time to glue them to the book cover.

That done the drying is now underway.

Time to work on some embellishments.
This was originally a very ugly belt buckle, but like everything else it's had a makeover and will go over the burnt hole in the front cover.

Getting there. Now to wait for the drying...

I'm sooo impatient!

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Time to Start - 18 October

Okay, so finally I'm on the mend from whatever the latest round of nasty virus is and it's time to blog some art, Yay!
I am so excited to be a part of this collaboration with this talented group of artists! So after much soul searching and internal debate I finally decided on a topic and format for my part in Pulp Redux!

It has a title, or at least it will soon enough, LOL!

How about...

Fragments, Vestiges and Remains!

I rather like bits of things, especially anything that's antiquated, vintage or just plain old and interesting. What can I say, I'm just curious!
I rather expect you can take this theme to include almost anything you like really. Perhaps fragments of art, text, textiles, texture (drool!!!) or something a little more esoteric maybe. A fragment of an interesting person's life, or a period of time!
Anyway you decide, I am sure it will be interesting and hopefully there's lots of scope for all players to find something that interests them within the theme.

It will be a book! I rather mean an already exisiting one rather than a newer construction, which I did consider but then rebuffed as I rather thought the title of the collaboration warranted my finding an already exisiting book and repurposing it.

So here's my book.

It is 10" x 7" so large enough pages for plenty of fun. The book is an old Dutch textbook-'An Introduction to English Art'.

Here's a brief look inside.

Aren't the art pics lovely! Gainsborough Yumm!
Now I have removed approximately a third of the pages to make a little room for lumps and bumps with the intention that I will likely have to rebind the book after it finally makes it's way back to Oz. Sorry girls but the lovely pics constituted the removed pages of the book. I decided they were too good to waste and will keep them for inclusion in other projects, but I rather think one or two may end up in Andrea's book somehow! I decided to keep the book bound this way so participants don't have to pay for the extra weight of bindings in the postage at present and I will just sort it out at the end. The book has been divided into six sections to accommodate everyone which means that after trimming the pages everyone has approximately 15 pages (30 if you count both sides) each to play with. Not too many but the paper is quite a good thickness and sturdy enough for some quality play. This will also stop the postal weight and costs being too prohibitive, at least I hope so!

So now it's time to do something with the books covers!
As you can see it's a board and cloth bound book, navy blue colour.
Might have to change that I think, but first, the heavy duty alterations.

Chop, chop, wow book boards are tough going to cut!!!
A small hole to create a recess in the cover.

And now those of you that know me, know I can't resist a good burning...
so guess what's next...

Burning, yay, (the fire bug's at it again, LOL!).

I have burnt the cover and first few pages to create a shallow niche in the front of the book to create a new title.

Here's how it looked after the burning session.

Getting there! Now maybe it's time to do something about that blue colour...

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  1. As a librarian I should demand you stop book burning, lol!!! But as an artist, I say "Go the book burning!!! Yay!!!" Oooooh I LOVE the burned out hole in your book, Kim. I'm just getting all excited again...only this time it's about YOUR hole! Ha ha ha. Ok, I know guys, old joke...but I couldn't resist.

  2. Gasp - we have a new follower. None other than (wait for it) THE Mr Charles Dithermin!!!! Holy crap'n heck! That's just too exciting!!

    Also, Kim, Dorian Gray (the movie - yeah, I know, probably nowhere near going to be as good as the book) but it looks really dark and creepy, as it should do!

  3. PS. that was me being fecitious in my last comment there. Who is Charles Dithermin, really? It's such a cool name!

  4. Oh wow, I am not sure how much more anticipation and excitment I can take!! LOVING YOUR THEME! Oh I seriously can not wait to get my hands on this!
    Love the burning idea too and it's perfect for remains!

  5. I should be good ... but sorry that's not going to happen so... I love my pyro challenged aperture too, ROFL! You should see it now, I'll have to post the changes! O.T. I know but I can't wait to see the new Dorian Gray film either! Dark and creepy gothic novels, translation, great story for film when well done!

  6. Kim..I love your idea and the burning book concept..fragments was my other option for a needless to say I think it's very cool!
    Dorian Gray at sounds like an awesome flick... I just took three boys to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs yesterday which is more the caliber of film I get to enjoy these days...

  7. Like the burning feature! Will be interested to see what replaces the blue!

  8. ohohohoh! i lovelovelove! love! LOVE!!! you have me all twittery and giddy and such. love the theme, love the burned out hole, love it! this is going to be fantastic fun!

    why haven't i seen a preview for dorian gray? when does it come out? and where? hmmph. i'll have to read fast then track down the film straight away.

    i LOVE all that you said, kim -- those are my favorite things too and sums me up as well as it does you: I rather like bits of things, especially anything that's antiquated, vintage or just plain old and interesting. What can I say, I'm just curious!

  9. You girls crack me up! I thought I might just give Debs a heart flutter over book burning.
    Maybe the theme should have been 'conflicted'. LOL! So glad you like the theme everyone, that was the general idea, to pick something everyone would find interesting of course!

  10. WOW, glad you're feeling better! Very exciting collaboration you gals have going here!
    ~*~ Patty

  11. Hi Patty, glad you popped in to see the fun. Hope you come back again as things progress and we have so much more for everyone to see!

  12. oh wow! i didn't realize that you had posted more photos! i am soooooooooo loving this! how fantastically fun! i'll be posting more photos today too. or that is the plan at least. ;)

  13. Oh, I love where this is going! Great ideas with the fabric and belt buckle. Love the colours too.
    Looking forward to the next update!

  14. Love what is happening with your book!! I use coffee and walnut ink to dye everything.. it's about the only "paint" i use...

  15. Oh this is looking GOOD Kim, real good! Your doing your magic thing again! Sprinkle some magic dust my way, will yah. I've stalled.

  16. You sneaky thing! I didn't realise you had something new to inpsire me with! Your cover looks FANTASTIC! and I love how you have incorporated burnt remnants in the niche. Everything goes together perfectly!

    Where is everyone else hiding?? Sure has been quiet here!

  17. i just wrote you about 87 paragraphs and realized i was logged into the wrong google account and it ERASED my entire comment. grrr to blogger!

    so i said, in short:

    ohohoh, i lovelovelove all that you have done on this book! it's amazing beyond words! awe inspiring! phenominal and magnificient! you are just such an amazing lady and i adore your book!!! and you!!!! i really can't wait to play in it as i have a couple of ideas.

    i thank you for the kick in the arse that you've provided me as well. i got side tracked wit hthe art exchange piece and something i'm making for lisa j. that blew up in my face (not literally, but it was a nightmare none the less) and a piece for my friend jo that turned into two because one ended up super ugly and a second gallery exhibit who requested "up to 20 pieces" for the 17th of next month. i had four, lol. but i started two more so maybe that will be enough. i really want to get back into my book so i'm ready to send to debs on the 15th.

    loving (so very much) all that i am seeing here!!!!!

  18. ugh! i accidentally clicked on my profile after i posted my comment and it said i was a MALE AQUARIUS! i'm a female pisces!!! i feel so violated!


  19. Lisa-Gald you liked it! I loved adding all the little bits in. Can't wait to get the brass fittings on it eventually as they will really make the cover pop!
    Alicia-I Hugs to you , so glad you like it! Know what you mean about getting side tracked with the exchange piece. I will finish mine off today I think.

  20. this is just wonderful...a superb cover...makes me want to see what's inside.. as you said the possibilities are endless..can't wait to see it in person. I am loving what you've done with the muslin!

  21. hugs to you too, sweetness!! i'll have to go pop by your blog just in case you've posted your exchange piece. i have been HORRIBLE at blogs lately... and keeping up on everything. getting closer though. :) AND i'll be working on my book tonight so am quite excited! sooooo loving yours!!!

  22. For over an year I have plans to alter an old book, even bought two old encyclopedias on a flea market. Now I get new inspiration. Glad I found this blog and I wish you all a creative journey!

  23. Thanks Lisa, I must admit I'm really fond of the muslin as well. It has triggered off a bit of a fabric collage play here at the moment, LOL!
    Hi Alicia, haven't posted the exchange piece yet hopefully tonight maybe if we don't have visitors again!
    Thank you for dropping in Ati, hope this inspires you to try something new!
    Thanks John, Your photos are wonderful snippets of people and places with an interesting perspective, quite unlike any others I have seen!

  24. i just love that repurposed belt buckle!

  25. Love the theme. Love the title. And I already love the book!

  26. Hi Lisa, I love that belt buckle now too! Loathed it before but held onto it as I saw it's makeover potential.
    Thanks Seth, wait till you see the rest!