Monday, December 6, 2010

Kim's final contribution to Deb's Book

I have finally finished my contribution to Debs book for this collaboration and it has been nice to branch back out into the metals again!

The piece centres around a late 1800's love story provided by Deb.
Enter her heroin, Maude, who after years in a loveless marriage has thrown off the shakles and finally taken up with her true love, Damien. The two have been off sailing the globe on the holiday to end all holidays but you know the story can't end there!

Ah yes the idyllic blissfulness of new love must finally be put aside as life has intruded (as it inevitably always does) on our lovers.

When we last left them (curtesy of Alicia's contribution and diary records for the pair) our two starry eyed lovebirds were enjoying the sights and sounds of Egypt.
(Half their luck! Do they need a baggage handler, I am available, LOL!)

Enter life, sigh!

Fear not intrepid followers, all is good, no really it is!

I'm not going to ruin Maude's hard fought for happinesss now am I? Naaa!

I thought it might be fun to find out a bit about our Damien though, after all the man had some sort of life before Maude's entry...

and so...

(Yes I know you saw this pic before but this is a wrap up folks! Stay with me here).

Okay, now young Damien has a job... of sorts, he's an up and coming anthropologist with an interest in cartography and archeology...

so there! All in all a rather exciting career in up and coming sciences for the times!

I decided that we needed to hear what Damien had to stay at this point of his life so the piece focusses on his viewpoint.

Damien has been offered a position in South America (as you probably guessed from the previous post!), and so the two lovers are off on a romantic sea voyage to Yucatan.

Now here is one side of the piece for Debs book. Its a brass book structure attached to what will be the page of the book. The pages are quite a heavy duty construction not paper as of course they wouldn't hold up to this sort of abuse.

There are hidden pockets... I love creating things in unexpected places!

On the reverse side of the page...

Damiens journal which picks up the story threads and relates his side of the tale.
Each item on or in the journal is discussed in the journal and relative to Damien's tale.

There are secret niches here too!

If you want to know more you will have to pop over to my blog to see the rest, ha!
(Just click on the highlighted writing it will whisk you right over!)

Gotta leave ya hanging folks, LOL!

So now it will be posted away to the lovely Lisa Sarsfield for her final contribution. I can't wait to see how she will finish off the story.
Wow Deb, it's almost home!
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