Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Debrina's Book: Through the Eye Glass (Finished)

"Through the Eye Glass"
by Debrina (D.Price-Ewen)
November 2009

Copyright 2009


  1. Finally finished! Sending to you tomorrow, Lisa J! Alicia, your parcel arrived just in time for me to use - I've always loved peeling back the pod to reveal the peas - and the colour is just PERFECT! Once again - I haven't completely given away the game by revealing all of my books secrets, but let's just say there is a little tribute to each one of you that I hope you'll find touching.

  2. This is AMAZING Deb...I can't wait to actually hold it in my hands and better yet...artify some creative complements to your already fabulous piece! So many kewl textures, depth and secrets.. how mysterious.... I love it all. The peas are so yummy.. color, texture. There are so many little nooks and crannys to explore.. just can't wait to see it and put the puzzle pieces all together!!!woohoo!!!

  3. ohoh. omg. oh. i keep scrolling up and down and back and forth and back up, then down again to take these all in. i'm so very excited and am both happy and sad that i get it last (only happy so i can see every single other page before you). this is amazing! i can't wait to touch it and play in it. i started already making something for this book of yours (and started something for lisa j's too) which is totally ridiculous since it's not coming for a long, long time but i couldn't help myself. i promise it's not gory. :)

    i lovelovelove those familiar letters in the fifth photo, and i have one of those same bits in my book -- i got it from you -- it's on the pocket! and i love the skull. and the whole thing is so sweet and wonderful! and omg, the peas!! you are so very sweet! i couldn't get the crackle to work on them but then decided that crackled peas weren't probably as good anyway. and i love the copper wire you added! yummy indeed!

    what are all of these fantastic secrets? i must know! i have none. i can't roll like that for some reason, haha.

  4. Ohhh...what sweet comments! I actually saw the coolest documentary last night, Alicia. It was about the human disections that were carried out at Otago University Medical School here in New Zealand. I was working on your small skull piece while I was watching it - which was quite appropriate come to think of it! Lol. Anyway, it was absolutely fascinating and I surprised myself by being glued to the screen as they cut through ribs and skull to get at heart and brain. I ended up thinking, "I want to dedicate my body to science now!" They actually interviewed the people who donated their bodies to the school, before they died (of course - lol!) and the students saw these interviews after they had worked on the corpses of these people. It was just an amazing documentary. Lisa S - did you see it?

    Anyway - there aren't that many secrets left, Alicia. But I hope what you do find in my book still surprises you. Oh and I thought about ageing that pendant bit but ran out of time and didn't know where to start anyway. Might have to do one of your tutorials, Alicia. I missed seeing that bit on your pocket. I will have to go back and look again!

  5. Oh and Lisa J - hold onto your knickers, sweets, it's on its way!!

  6. Oh no! I missed that!! Sounds like it would have been right up my alley too! Have you read the body farm book? It never occured to me that some people would leave there bodies to science so that we can learn what happens at each stage of decomposition..and that someone actually sits there and records all of it! No way do I want to be donated to science, I don't even want to be buried! Can't stand the thought of it, definately cremation for me!

    Ok, so that was a little OT! haha.

    This book, as I am sure I mentioned before is flipping fantastic! You will hear when it arrives at mine because I will be squealing with joy! Love the skull which suprised me a bit (seeing it I mean...) looking forward to seeing what Ms Maude has seen and coming up with a great twist to your plot....

    Oh, and you're right...your the perfect person to gather up library slips! I went 2nd hand shopping yesterday and specifically looked for books with slips and cards, a whole new criteria to meet before I buy! lol.

    Soon we will be playing...

  7. Deb this is amazing!!! Love your book and cannot wait to gaze in adoration at it in person! Love the peas in the pod! Too cool and way fun! Love all the different textures everyones coming up with too, each style so unique and different. Love the body farm book. Wish we had had the special you were talking about here, I love those shows. There was a great series of dvd's put out that features the doctor who designed the process that plasticizes human bodies from europe. Did anyone ever see the exhibition that toured the world with the human bodies that had been plasticized that was him. Anyway the dvd series was called Autopsy, and he filmed a series of human autopsies where they determined the cause of death of various people before a live audience. Sounds completely gruesome but actually wasn't and was really fascinating. I think you girls would love it. Interesting stuff really and well explained. Anyhoo gotta go move house apparently. Hope your feelin the love Debs this book is awesome!

  8. The Body Farm by William Bass is a fascinating read for anyone who loves forensics and the study of decomposition. I read it a few years back but it's really the best. William Bass is like the father of forensic anthropology. Don't think I'd want to be a volunteer though.. even after the fact. Most participants were unclaimed bodies i think...

  9. we had that tour here -- at the oregon museum of science and industry and i planned to go. finn was five at the time and really wanted to go too, or maybe just four? anyway, once we got there he pretty much freaked and couldn't hack it. i was pretty upset. i have never seen the body farm book but want to! i shall ask santa for it. :) i do have encyclopaedia anatomica which i bet is similar. and the documentaries sound fantastic!! we should have that here! what the hell? and i'd say i'd send you $ to pick it up for me but the stupidest thing ever is that i can't watch dvds from you guys... not even dorian gray, which still has me all kinds of upset. but i'm totally off topic too.

    loveloveloving the book, debs! mine is all boxed up minus my note and almost ready to go. i pick finn up from the bust around 4 so will go straight from there to the post office. i'm a little nervous that the box, after another person or two, will not be deep enough and it's double the height of the first box i was going to use. ugh. and damn, i forgot to take photos before i packaged it up. don't lose it, debs! ;)

    how exciting this all is -- even though i keep saying that. woooots!!

  10. oooh, i think you were telling me about that, lisa. i want it! and we were typing at the same time -- cute. ;)

    i would not want to be a volunteer either. i don't even like my husband staring at me naked in the light for prolonged periods of time and i sure as hell wouldn't want a stranger doing it, or peeking into my nooks and crannies or whatever while i just laid there all helpless and dead. it's disturbing to me. i say just dig a shallow grave in the woods and toss me in. let nature take it's course. maybe i'll donate my finger and toe knuckles to my husband to make a necklace out of or something though. that could be sweet.

  11. I heared of a couple once who had their wedding rings made from the bone of his amputated leg...kinda icked me out!

    Too funny that we've all read that book or something similar, your so funny Alicia but I totally strangers peeking around in our nooks and crannies thankyou very much! Here we are creating such lovely, thoughtful work and reading such gorey books...

  12. that is icky and cool balled up into one. i'm surprised that they hospital let him have his own bone. here at least, that's bio hazard and you can't keep it, despite it being your own body.

    when i die, i kind of want to be made into a diamond. there is a company in england i think we take people cremains (is that a word??) -- cremation ashes -- and make it into a faux diamond. i'm going to do that and have finn piece his ear or something and wear it so i can always be on his wee shoulder. of course i think dudes who wear one diamond earring are tacky so perhaps a manly ring or something?

    my sister came over today and said everyone's books were amazing! she looked at mine in person and said "you're really, really, really talented but are you okay? i swear you have serious mental problems." nice, eh? yours are all gorgeous and pretty though.

  13. Lisa - I sent my book off to you 2 hrs ago. Yay! Expect it to be on your doorstep between 4 and 10 days from now (that's what they said at the post-office). Cost me $25 NZ all up (about $18 - $20 US?). Not too bad. hope you have a lot of fun playing in it!

  14. Kim - I'm soooo feeling the love, lol! I hope your move is smooth and that you'll be fully ensconced in that new studio of yours in next to no time!!
    Lisa S - I collected up a whole lot of date due slips today off our withdrawn books. Some of them are still attached to the browning back page of the book!
    Alicia - sweet thing! I'm so glad you like moi book! It means the world to me, when you all make such amazing comments. Coming from you guys, it really is the best thing anybody can hear!

  15. woohooo for lisa j! mine is going off to you debs in the next two hours or so.

    i'm thinking we're all going to have to find new boxes somewhere along the way due to the potential girth of our books and bubble wrap and stuff. i'm going to start keeping my eyes open now, hunting for something. mine is particularly thick already.

    i LOVE those date slips -- i'll trade you something for one. i had lots but lost them, as i was telling lucky lisa.

    and yesyes, i LOVE your book! and i lovelovelove seeing little bits and pieces in there that i recognize, like the skull thingy that you gave me one of and i even used in my book and the peas. woohoooo! can't wait to get kim's book, then all the rest.