Monday, November 9, 2009

Lisa's book: Roots.. beneath the layers

This is my first update. As you can see the book is much thicker now
with the addition of the inside cover and first page:

Now when you open the book this is what you see...

 The inside front cover has the first half of the poem "The Layers"
by Stanley Kunitz,  a poem about the journey of life. The photograph
is of my grandmother as a young girl covering her face...
appropriate to the concept in the poem about our
changing identities past and future. The second half of the
poem will be on the inside back cover of the book.

The first half of the poem...

 On the second page I've created a fiber art festival of textures and layers
using natural and vintage fabrics, wool fiber and silk sari ribbons.
There are five spears of white turquoise...each represents a participant
in this collaboration. The turquoise is also symbol of friendship.
I've created a sandwich of fabric and fiber layers in which
the spears are rooted. On an organic level... a layer is defined as a
stem that is covered with soil for rooting.
I designed the nest from mulberry bark, fibers,
silk and linen thread and egg shaped turquoise beads.

 The wood piece on the far left is another remnant from a printers tray...
the same used to create the frame around the photo on the opposite page.
This piece was added to keep the pages from getting crunched together.

Here is a close up view of the texture. This was created by
sandwiching eight layers of fabric together then stitching and slashing
the fabric to reveal all the fiber layers.
All the details on this page have been hand sewn.

Now onto the back the exchange deadline is closing in...


  1. Just beautiful Lisa! The poem is wonderful and I look forward to reading the rest of it. Being a texture peep this is just my sort of thing! Can't wait to see it in person. Love it all, text, fabric and the little details! I'm itching to get work on my book but unfortunately the studio is now half packed. Why is it that I am always the most inspired to work at the least convenient time! I have opted for a poem in the front of my book too! Great minds think alike and all that!

  2. Yes..I am a texture fanatic too. Funny.. I was thinking about your cover today with the belt buckle you used and how much I like what you've done with must be hard with all your art stuff packed up. Whenever I put my supplies away..I have a hard time getting my mojo going..I'm much better with all my supplies front and center! This weekend though I did keep my nose to the grindstone! I love poems and quotes..I always have to tie in meanings and words for some reason. Love your poem idea.. great minds do think alike!

  3. Just beautiful. Love the layers concept- the poem, the complexity of the layers and integration of the synthesis of your grandmother though you have covered her face and all of the symbolism throughout.

  4. Oh wow! what a breath taking piece Lisa! I really am going to die of happiness when this arrives in my mail box! Beautiful poem, beautiful layers, beautiful nest!! I love your phrase...festival of fibers! Too true!

    My apologies for my recent vanishing act, my son has (most likely) broken a bone in his hand (2 xrays, 2 Doctor apts and $90.00 later they're still not sure....) and then he developed a bad allergic reaction to some medication he had just started and we ended up in Accident and Emergency until after midnight last of those weeks!

    I am so hoping to find time very soon to do the last bits I want to on my book and then before I know it I will have the joy of working in yours!! Wahoo!

  5. Oh wowza, Lisa! This is just incredibly beautiful! It's so very very beautiful and awe-inspiring that I just can't wair for it to arrive in MY letterbox!!! Roll on Nov 15!!!

  6. Thank you all so much...i'm really having the best time with this book and am quite excited to send it on it's way so I can have some fun with your fabulous books. Nov 15.. it's coming too fast! Actually I'll be ready to change it up and start on your amazing creation Deb! Lisa, I am so sorry abour your son...I hope the doctor has it figured out now and that he is improving. Those late night ER visits are so exhausting. I did not leave my studio all weekend except to feed my two boys and their visiting friends.

  7. Nancy Gene ArmstrongNovember 10, 2009 at 5:22 AM

    I would love to see these books in person-they are really amazing looking in the photos. Glad I happened upon this site. Just getting ready to start my own altered book on family.

  8. Lisa, this is so awesome! I find it very moving.....the poem and your grandmothers photo, the layers of fabric like layers of time. For some reason the tiny cross stitches always appeal to me. The white cross on the right drew me in immediately.

  9. omg, lady. a fiber art festival of textures and layers indeed!! i love that poem and your grandmother is gorgeous! that photo could not be more perfect and the fact that it is a relative is so special! i have never seen turquoise like that and it's so beautiful! i love the spears and the eggs are to die for! and i love the recurrence of 5s. this is just such a wonderful book!!!

  10. thanks alicia! i love that white turq's so cool. i used the photo of my grandmother cause she always wanted to travel but never had the she'll be going on quite the excursion! ;)

  11. oh, that is so sweet and touching, lisa! you just brought big ol' tears to my eyes (thankfully i don't have to look at my fingers when i type!). that is so beautiful! she will get to go many wonderful places indeed!

  12. This is stunning and just getting better and better. The look and feel...and those layers... just tremendous!

  13. Gee, I think you'll just have to send this to me so I can really see it, up close and in person - ha. Don't think you'd fall for that, though it is so utterly fabulous!!!
    Caught up on my art exchanges and enjoying getting the mail! Keep me in the loop.

  14. Hi there
    I think the pose of your Grandmother as a young girl is precious. The poem , embellishments and all the layers of meaning are just perfect. I'd love to reach out and touch it!