Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lisa's Labyrinth Book, ready to go!

From the beginning...

Cover page with niche and circuit board.

Inside front cover. Title page and "Woven" page.

Second page, entanglement and intricate. I wasn't quite happy with the blank area above the nest so I took care of that and the update version is shown below!

Following the "Intricate" page is the sign in area which is made from pages of a vintage photo album and embellished with a collage from the Pulp Redux collage series I did. The piece of paper under the copper/wire piece is a note to all the artists.

Above: Each signature has a few pages of blank paper at the beginning to be used as Visual Diary pages by the artist whose signature that is. This is my VD page, I forgot to photograph the other one! Doh!
Below: Already filled to overflowing, my book is now ready to go! Other posts on this blog relating to this book can be found here.

This is so much fun, thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback and to our visitors please watch this space! New work will be added as each artist recieves a new book to work on and this is promising to be a great collab! Wahoo!


  1. Already to go! wahoo...can't wait to get this party started!

  2. oh sweetness! you have done so much wonderful work on this! i'm so loving it!! i lovelovelove the library check out slips and all of the fibers and your note and the bead abacus -- it's all so fantastically delightful!

    i love the idea of diary and sign in pages! that is just too creative and cool!

    i think we should all get matching tattoos of your PR5 logo. :)

  3. I love that PR5 logo, Lisa! I totally agree - let's all get the tat!
    The work you've put into this book is just incredible. All that stitching and weaving and threading! You can just see the hours of work that's gone into it. The copper/wire piece is just fabulous! I love the design of that page and next to the collage everything just looks so perfect. When do I get yours again? Hurry up, I say!!!

  4. PS. Lisa, have you thought about upgrading your picture loader on blogger? I can't blow up your pictures to get in real close (you know, the art-porn shot!! Lol!). I wanna see the detail!!!! Your first photo is fine but I know that on the newer picture loader you can get every single picture to enlarge.

  5. Thanks Deb and Alicia. This collab has been so good for my art ego! lol. It's been a labour of love as yours both have been to I'm sure!

    Deb's I'm using the new loader..and the all 'big' for me so I wonder what's happening there??

  6. Lol the Tat! I've already got a nearly full sleeve, perhaps I could start the other

  7. Lisa this is wildly fabulous..just love, love, love what you've done. The tangled threads are right up my'll see that when you get my book. That logo is awesome..I hope you add it to the other books when you add your signature!

    Deb.. you are hilarious.. . you should write a book.

  8. your pics are small for me too, lisa. weird, eh?

    post your sleeve, lady! and yes, start your other arm. i worked for months to design my next tattoo and the jackass wouldn't do it just as designed because i have too many moles and freckles. jerk-face! so i have to find someone who can tweak it just a tad. it's a dragonfly and it's body is a ribcage and vertebrae(surprising?). actually it's three ribby/boney dragonflies and cherry blossoms and a lotus. i talk too much, sorry.

  9. You are all amazing! I love everything I see here, so much talent here between all of you.

    I'm here in spirit.

  10. Thanks for the Sunday Secrets tip of Weldbond. I'll check it out. Does that mean I can throw my glue gun away, I hope?