Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Debrina's Contribution to Kim's Fragments, Vestiges and Remains...

My contribution to Kim's Book - Pulp Redux
Full page spread - Pulp Redux (reversible - the page folds again to reveal the other half of the Scottish Flag, the St George Cross)
Here we go girlas! Not much but enough to make Kim happy, hopefully!! I'm using my new walnut stains, acetate and specially bought fibres, fabrics and paper for my contribution. E.g. the baby, above, is printed in sepia on acetate and then mounted on a playing card with the most delightful, beautiful filigree pattern on the back (more of that later). You can remove the baby from her pouch/envelope too, btw!  ANYWAY, to read all about my contribution, click HERE!

What precious little thing is in that envelope?

Ahhhh...an unborn baby: the promise of hope and a new start in life.  Children were often born on board ship on the way over to our shores or shortly after landing.