Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Ya Wanna Touch!- Kims contribution to Lisa's book Part 2

Last time I left you we were in the labyrinth with the Minotaur!

If I left you feeling a little anxious last time about what would be following that post, well then relax. This time we're going for a wee walk with mother nature.

It isn't everyday you get told you can touch, now is it?

This section of my contribution to Lisa's book relates to man's constant use of nature as inspiration in art.

How we view it, reproduce it and the inspiration it provides us.

i have woven in a little copper wire...

Some found poetry...

a little celtic knotwork...

made to look like old plaster...

Some items from my garden...


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a wee doorway to...

open if you dare...

and inside...

the labyrinths of nature...

caught and captured in a resin heart.

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and yes...

you really can touch!

If you would like to know more about the story behind these pages pop on over to my blog for the inside scoop!
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Roots- Beneath the layers. Lisa Sarsfield's contribution.

My contribution so far to Lisa J's book "Roots- beneath the Layers"

This is the first completed part of my spread in Lisa's book. I have done a full blog post on my blog "Lucky Dip" which you can see here.

Second update: 18 Dec 2009

The rest of this new addition can be found on my Lucky Dip blog.
Merry Christmas everyone!

 Update #3  Jan 07/ 2010

Apologies for the small photo, for some reason it won't enlarge! It may be me, it's time for me to go to bed!
You can see the rest of the newest addition on my blog. I've been having fun!

Feb 7...New update added to Lucky Dip blog. You can see it here.

Finished book sneak peek just added! I am done!

I kid you not when I say there are a LOT of new pics on my blog but alas it is only a tease until I have the time to do a proper post. What are you waiting for? Go peek!

PS: Thanks Alicia for the date tip!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

alicia's initial contribution to kim's book: fragments, vestiges & remains

although i am not entirely done with the first two pages of kim's book, i felt i should post an update nonetheless. when i finish the remaining page(s) i will post a few more updates of these.

first and foremost though, i must apologize for the illusive and evil little white string that found itself in almost all of my photos. where it came from, i do not know! how i missed it is an even bigger mystery.

because ms. kim has shared a bit of history of where she comes from, i felt i would share a bit about mine... though the darker side of portland, oregon, usa, as it felt more appealing to me. the very short story is that portland has a very dark past -- the portland underground or shanghai tunnels as they were called. able-bodied men were kidnapped and dropped through deadfalls (trap doors) from bars, saloons, opium dens, whore houses, etc., housed in underground cells, then sold to ship captains into "white slavery". women were also kidnapped and sold into prositution or sold overseas into slavery as well.

this is della. she was one such girl who was kidnapped and forced to live an undesirable life of... undesirable stuff. i don't want to give away the whole story as some should be a surprise to kim once she gets her book back.

the copper frame around the glass door will be covered in beeswax and carved into and painted -- like i do my wee apothecary bottles. if you enlarge the above photo, you'll see that there is a wee bubble in the glass that looks like a tear, which really fits into the story.

the little glass door opens to reveal della's photo. behind that are her sister's diary pages about her disappearance. the book pages aren't entirely attached yet but will be by tonight. and that string is gone now. grr.

you can see dell'a pocket watch that fell from her pocket when she was kidnapped. there are wee diamonds inside but one came loose when she dropped it so it floats around in its case.

on the bottom of the page, a photo of the family house and an older photo of della are tied to the page. you'll have to read the diary pages to figure out how an older photo of her was obtained.

behind the photos is a heart, sewn on by her adoring little sister who misses her like mad since her disappearance.

on page two, you will learn the history of the shanghai tunnels and portland underground.

at the top of the page, i've fashioned a pocket for photos of the tunnels and cells from 160ish years ago. two rusty old nails are threaded through he pocket for no real good reason other than that i thought it looked cool. ;)

basement walls were knocked out and doors were added to create an intricate network of tunnels and cells beneath buildings, streets and sidewalks. the nicer of cells had a single chair in them. grated metal doors kept the captives locked inside, and the only light offered was from an occasional lantern.

(dang illusive string again! -- below) the bottom part of the page looks, to me, like what i thought it would feel like to be snatched and thrown into the dark and dank places below the lovely city of portland. things are more rusty than they appear in the photo.

on the bottom of this piece is a handle -- sort of a deadfall on the actual page. a hatch, or trapdoor.

open the door to read a more complete history about the portland underground.

and beneith that, an old map from the mid 1800s of what downtown portland looked like from a semi-aerial perspective.

the remnants of portland's infamous history of the shanghai tunnels and the portland underground are still with us. the stories have lingered, along with the rubble, the trapdoors, the secret entrances and the catacombs that still extend their presence beneath the sidewalks, streets and buildings.

tonight i will get happy with wax for the frame, attach the diary to page one, do some stitching on the bottom of page two and put these pieces into kim's book permanently. more photos coming soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Debrina's finished contribution to "Alicia's Museum of Forgotten Things"

Page 1, above...
Note how much the book has changed since I first began it...

Pages 2 & 3 
Pages 4 & 5
Page 6 - the exhibits box with accompanying notes

Close up of exhibits
Detail of barn
Hester in her youth (ghost effect intentional)

Detail of Notes page
To find out more about the story behind the work, come and visit me over at  Debrina's Diary.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pulpy Happenings

Hello lovely visitors, so happy to have you drop by!
Things are hotting up around here! All of the Pulp Redux players are busy getting ready to post our books out on Feb 22nd and then the next round can begin. Wahoo! How exciting is that?  This has been a whole lot of fun for all of us so far and this is just round 1!
If your wondering what's happened to each of the books please scroll through our posts, we've been adding updates to the bottom of each post so although it may not look like a new post it may well contain a new and juicy can also find links to our blogs in the side bar.
Happy Creating:)