Thursday, July 1, 2010

alicia's final contributions to deb's book: through the eye glass (part 2 of 2)

i have finally completed deb's book and found the time to photograph it. here are a couple of photos of the completed book, and you can see about three times more on my blog: altered bits

if you missed the first post, you can view it here.

i reshot a few photos of the color because it looked a little too pink before. this is a more accurate representation.

previously, i had not revealed what was in this lower compartment on the main page because i hadn't finished it.

it's an owl... because deb loves owls.

actually, an owl necklace. i am NOT a jewelry person so it looks like it barely made it through those hundred and fourteen or so years... but the thought behind it was sweet, i hope.

the back page is a huge ol' pocket that houses all of the paperly things they collected along their travels.

here are the items: altered postcard, a map, a photo or three, something else...

the backs of two of the items. i had a lot of fun fashioning that wax seal out of paint and... wax.

i'll be shipping this off to kim the moment i find a box large enough -- and that is my quest for tomorrow.