Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lisa's Book: "Roots...beneath the layers" final

final update before my book heads out in the mail:

The last page and inside back cover

This piece reflects the art from my Grandmothers era.
Circles were a common element in this style.

Older family photograph and the second half of the poem
"The Layers" on the outside back cover.
 The first half of the poem is on the inside front cover.

Side view with unfinished layers to be completed as the book makes it rounds...
Right click on any photograph for details.


  1. i so, so, sooo love this, my sweet friend. it's amazing beyond words. such tremendously awesome detail and work! can't wait, can't wait!

  2. I'm with Alicia! Awesome, soft layers and beautiful symbology (that's a word aye?) I love that your Grandmother gets to travel like this!

  3. Lisa, this is just beautiful! I can't wait to see it up close either! And then I get to play inside as well, Yay!

  4. Thank you all! My boys...ages 8 and 10 were sad to see that it is leaving...they always get so attached to my work for some reason...but I told them it would be back...only better! Yes, my grandmother is packing her virtual bags!

  5. This is just so sensational. Every time I look in on one of the books, I am more and more amazed. And the collab has only just begun!

  6. OMG Lisa! Are you SURE you haven't done an altered book before??? This is just phenomenal! I am reminded of the seaside for some reason - it must be the layers of lace that wash in like waves around the edges of your frames; the starfish shape next to the bubbly froth of lace that encircles more lace and the dried driftwood colours.

  7. i keep coming back and looking at this over and over. i love it so much! and to think (which i had forgotten) that this is your first book. omg, lady! this is just phenomenal! i am loving it! i made something yesterday for your book. silly -- i should be working on my cover! finishing it today.