Friday, October 15, 2010

alicia's final contributions to lisa s's book: labyrinth (part one)

i've finally finished miss lucky dip lisa's book, labyrinth. by the time you're done with this post though, you may hate me. ;)

front of my little bundle of pages, including a brass X i purchased from seth apter's etsy shop... i'm putting one in each of the five pulp books. (click the images to see enlarged versions.) what you're seeing is a little labyrinth book tied to the top of the bundle of pages:

here is the book all alone. if you would like to see the inside of the book and additional shots, you may do so on my blog HERE and HERE. in the spirit of labyrinths, i'm going to make viewing this a maze of potential fun (or probably annoyance).

once you open the top, you see this... a fabric/fiber collage with a paper collage, labyrinth and quote on top of it, and on the right, i just cheated. lisa mentioned that she liked a collage i recently did so i recreated a similar one for her book. maybe not a literal labyrinth, per se, but in my opinion nests are one of nature's many labyrinths.

detail of the quote/labyrinth page, stained and aged all purdy with hand made dyes (100% natural, of course) and coffee:

under the paper collage, a labyrinthy nesty bit (can you tell i went as nesty with her book as i did labyrinth?):

detail of the collage...

here is a peek at the back page...

if you want to see the rest, head on over to my blog:

(see, told you i was sending you through a maze...)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fragements, Vestiges and Remains- Lisa Sarsfield's contribution

Page 1, dedicated to the Maori
Page 2, dedicated to the missionary who befriended both parties.

Page 3, dedicated to the British.

The King's movement v's the Queens.
This is the BATTLE OF GATE PA.


I'm on a roll! Here's some close ups of the work I've been doing in Kim's book. It's all very "New Zealand!"
My theme is the Battle of Gate Pa and you can see the rest on my blog.