Sunday, March 28, 2010

Debrina's latest update....Roots Beneath the Layers....

Before the chains of the well lead to ....
(note - since this photo, a skull has been added to the lower blue panel)

Lifting the shroud....

The tree....finished...pages turn to reveal the pages shown above...

Layers and...

Ok, lots of lovely photos, but I better fill you in now on my thought processes to date.  Last time I posted about this book, I talked a little about the Anglo Saxon belief in Yggdrasil - the World Tree.  This mythological construct comprised of three parts: Asgard - the Upperworld (Heaven), Misgard or Middle Earth (our subconscious existence) and Hel (Underworld) see my last posting for more detail on this.

When Rome invaded Britain, it also brought with it Christianity.  Christianity by-passed the Anglo Saxons for some time, however.  Then, during the early Dark Ages, it slowly began to break down the resistance of the upper echelons of society and many conversions took place. Incredibly, and maybe somewhat surprisingly, the Saxon belief system was not lost during the conversions; instead, it was assimilated and in a sense preserved.  In my pages (the first three you see) - I have tried to illustrate this assimilation and evolution.
These last photos, below, show how I have begun to look at these Anglo Saxon constructs in more detail...
So, the shroud photo to the left of the tree will develop more to reflect this....

Love Debs


  1. Ok gals - the next pulpy posting is up!

  2. i am just loving this beyond words, lady, just as i'd mentioned on your blog. this is phenominal! i LOVE the tree and the shroud piece and the birdy on the ribcage and all of the gorgeous lace and that frame -- i adore that frame! someday i will twist your arm and bed you to make me a tree. gorgeous!

  3. i love the chain too, and that little rusty bit. you are a rock star, lady!

  4. You've done it again Debs! I love your layers and little embellishments. I love how you can 'see' through the window right out the other side and the fabric panel...I am sure Lisa will love this! Photo 2 is many threads and layers and glimpses..well done you!

  5. Wow, Debs, a very intriguing piece! Love the tree of course with its window and the shroud idea. What a great idea to express the underpinnings of religious beliefs. Look forward to seeing how this piece develops.

  6. ok I'm finally here and loving every intimate detail of your work Deb! These pages are absolutely luscious..thick with detail and thought..I really love what you've created! All the tiny embellishments and the layers..the photo on the shroud page and the ethereal stunning. what a magnificient masterpiece..truly! I just can't find the words as i am trying to take it all in..what an inspiration your work is! you are a rock star!!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous work! So happy to have stumbled upon your co-op blog!
    All the best♥

  8. So much thought and history in to this one project truly a piece of art I don't know how you will bare to part with it very brave to give it away lol I am sure she will treasure this peice I know I would it's stunning

    love Dawn xx

  9. Just dropping by. I love birds and lace so you can imagine how exciting this was to see. You are very creative. Sandra

  10. I am still completely in awe of your altered book Debrina. Beautiful work xx

  11. This is so gorgeous... I saw your video at Jasmines... lovely!