Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lisa J's Final Contribution to Deb's Book: Through the Eye Glass

These are my final additions to Deb's book which is
now in the very capable and creative hands of Alicia.

On this page I've created a Victorian mourning theme...

Tin type photo in an old watch glass mounted on a bit of book cover.
Part of the fun of working this page was finding the right combination
of blacks and charcoalsso as to create layers and depth.

Optical lense with a steampunk style assemblage built on top
 to resemble pocketwatch. Time waits for no man...

A pleated pocket created from black silk and lace.

Black lampwork heart (not my work) with nails driven through
and wire assembled nest..which is my creation.

You can see the cream lace from my first page peeking out around the sides...

A side view which shows my first page on the back side.
This is going to be one very thick book when it is finally
bound but...probably not a challenge for the brilliantly talented Debrina!

for more details about the story behind the page.

Now it's my turn with Kim's book: Fragments, Vestiges and Remains so stay tuned.


  1. Lisa this is just wonderful there is such a melancholy air to it and I adore the clock buts and the tiny NEST of course. all of it is yummy with the leaf tucked in the ties and the nails in the lampwork, how did you manage that???

  2. thanks Cat! The leaf is dyed velvet since botanicals are not allowed due to custom restrictions. I did not make the lampwork heart with the nails but thought it went perfectly with this piece.

  3. i am still just loveloveloving this and your first page. i adore the fact that it's in my possession and that i can look at it any time i'd like. it's sooooo gorgeous in the photos but the real pages are just exquisite. everythign is just perfect beyond words. can't wait to see what you do in kim's book!

  4. (oh, is this richard or damian? i'll tell you why i ask via email, in secret.)

  5. Lisa,
    as alwayes I so love your art,--
    and this one so full of drama, and love misunderstood,-- is in every way fantastic,
    -the broken watch-the broken heart,
    all so gorgeus, dear.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  6. Flying out the door for day 3 of camp..but couldn't resist a quick peek at your wonderful work! Your page is fantastic, I love the black and I LOVE the steam punk watch you made. Sheer brilliance Lisa!

  7. The detail on this page is beautiful Lisa, the sequins and beads and all the other little pieces just give it that polished finish! I really love the colours here for this page. You are right about getting the tones to fit together to give it that victorian mourning feel. You have pulled it off beautifully.

  8. Hello Lisa! Just got to a computer now! I so can't wait to have and to hold these pages. You have gone beyond my wildest dreams and expectations and I love you for it. Thank you so much for doing the most beautiful work in my book. I am typing as the liberry lady today from my school blog account, btw! Just in case you weren't sure it was Debs (me ) commenting or not, lol!