Thursday, March 11, 2010

alicia's final contributions to kim's book: fragments, vestiges & remains

i am pleased to say that i have completed my additions to kim's book, fragments, vestiges and remains and it is currently en route to lisa j. you can read more about it on my blog:

around the glass door on page one (see this post for more details), i've added beeswax and acrylic to the copper tape edging i did to give it an aged look and make it a wee bit less coppery.

another view:

i LOVE how kim's glass bottles with scrolls in them work so well with my page too:

here is that page in its entirety:

it's not really this red in person, but i had a mishap with some red alcohol ink that i was using on a different project. as it turns out, i love it. phew!

the page was a bit top-heavy to i cut off the bottom and added a stitched and embroidered pieces of black linen to the top to even things out. i love the contrast in texture of the different fabrics:

at the very beginning, i wanted to find five elements that i could use one of each in everyone's book so there was that one, simple element that matched in each of my five book contributions. i found these elements in seth apter's etsy shop. thank you seth!

here is the whole completed second page in the book:

and the spread of both pages in the book, all ready to go:

i am just loving the side view of fragments, vestiges and remains!

i forgot to take photos of each of the books within the book: the diary pages behind the photo of della on the "white" page and the history of the portland underground under the trap door on the "black" page. maybe i can con one of the girls into taking some for me. assembling those were part of the most time consuming aspects of the book, but so much fun! the pages are aged with instant coffee and made to look very old. they look pretty darn cool if i do say so myself.

i now have deb's book and have already started in on it: though the eye glass. so check back soon as i'll have images to post.


  1. fyi -- i've added some photos of my final contributions to kim's book.

  2. oh this is just gorgeous!! I am running out of accolades to use on this swap! your work is just wonderful Alicia!! love the rich textures all juxtaposed with stitches, just yummy!!!

  3. Another fantastic two pages, for this gorgeus book, it must be wonderfull working together with this special storyes ,building new chapters up. Your work is fantastic, and I love all the layers, and tiny bits of things to be seen. Must be wonderfull to se the end result.


  4. An absolutely awesome addition to Kim's book Alicia! I love, love, LOVE that stitching around the 'white' page collage. I'm going over to your blog now to see what other tidbits of information I can suck up...this is visually fantastic and I can't wait to hold it!I bet Lisa is glad she won't have to wait long to do so!

    Good idea on using Seth's embellishement in all our pages, it seems very appropriate that we should each have a little bit of the Altered Page on our altered pages!

  5. Alicia, this is fantastic! I love it so much. What a stunning job you have done! I love the element from Seth you have added, and the textures and details are wonderful. I love the pics of the book and how it is shaping up. Really you have outdone yourself. Mwah!

  6. The light and the dark is just marvellous Alicia. I have already sung your praises over at your own blog,but I'll sing them again here: tweet-tweet-tweet, chirrup, chirrup, chirrup!!!

  7. thank you all so very much... cat, dorthe, lisa, kim and debs. i'm so glad you all like it, especially sweet kimmy since it's her book. :) loves and many thanks to you all!

  8. fabulous Alicia! I agree with Deb.. the contrast between the two pages is incredibly striking...and I like that happy mistake you made with the red ink on the dark page and all the associated textures too! Brilliant addition to Kim's theme too!!Love the brass X that you've added from Seth. Can't wait to see it in the flesh in a few days! I still need to check out your blog post for more...

  9. This is just wonderful. The project clearly proves that collaborations can and do work with each artist given their artistic inclinations.