Monday, March 22, 2010

Kim's final contribution to Lisa S. 'labyrinth' book

Or how to avoid importing a biohazard!

Further research into New Zealand's importation of living or once living items has caused me to reconsider my pages for Lisa's book.
On reflection I realised that in order for the book to continue on it's merry way without risk of rejection by customs I needed to rehash my piece in Lisa's book 'Labyrinth'. Determined to keep with my theme of exploration of natural labyrinths in nature, I opted for a little makeover and have finally finished it all!

Welcome to the labyrinth of the Tree.

A year in the life of a tree.

Spring and the unfurling of new leaves and the contrasting colour of new brown bark.

Of course the cabinet remains, but more of that later!

On to autumns golden decay and the inner structure of the leaf revealed.

Summers green dress...

the page spread.

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the living tree

and a pocket to place items gathered from nature.

The bones of the tree revealed by winters cold breath.

and the page opened out.

But, then there's the cabinet door...

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Where fossils have been created to display the wonderful natural labyrinths found in nature.

And you can still touch!

The full page spread as it appears in the book.

If you would like to read more about all the juicy creative details, jump on over to my blog.
I'd love to see you there.
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  1. Hi girls, just finished creating the latest starburst, (umm page spread in Lisa's book), which is now finished and available for posting! Yay! IN safety, LOL! No more biological hazards for this girl!

  2. Oh wow! Wow! I am absolutely in love with what you have done to my book Kim! I was sad to hear that the other pages would have to go but you know what? I think I love these pages even more!! You have gotten 'me' so perfectly! That perfect tree (oh I love that tree!!) the perfect text, the perfect leaves and layers of loveliness! Big hugs to you Kim! This is a fantastic way to start my day!

  3. this is beautiful Kim...I think your second go around is even better than the first. congratulations on a brilliant work of art..i love what you've created here too!!

  4. That was fantastic! It's good that we aren't all artists. Nothing would be this special, if we could all do it. I'm glad that I can't but someone out there can.


  5. Hiya!Fabulous re-work!So obviously well thought & special. I like that little metal plaque.
    Giveaway on my bloggy btw!:)