Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Ya Wanna Touch!- Kims contribution to Lisa's book Part 2

Last time I left you we were in the labyrinth with the Minotaur!

If I left you feeling a little anxious last time about what would be following that post, well then relax. This time we're going for a wee walk with mother nature.

It isn't everyday you get told you can touch, now is it?

This section of my contribution to Lisa's book relates to man's constant use of nature as inspiration in art.

How we view it, reproduce it and the inspiration it provides us.

i have woven in a little copper wire...

Some found poetry...

a little celtic knotwork...

made to look like old plaster...

Some items from my garden...


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a wee doorway to...

open if you dare...

and inside...

the labyrinths of nature...

caught and captured in a resin heart.

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and yes...

you really can touch!

If you would like to know more about the story behind these pages pop on over to my blog for the inside scoop!
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  1. Woohoo! Finished the book Lisa! I'm so sorry to say it will never have a hope in Hades chance of ever closing again though,LOL! It really is bulging now!

  2. OMG!!! I am dying a death of happiness right now! Oh wow! I am soooooo loving this! Every bit. Especially the labyrinths of nature...oh, love, love, loving it!My jaw is on the floor Ms Kim and I am so excited I can hardly put the words together...thankyou. Love the door, love the touch the exhibits...the quote, the celtic knot..omg I love everything. It was barely closing when it left...I have visions of it being a sculpture now! Off to your blog now before I drool and short circuit my laptop!

    I just posted too...we must have been here at the same time! lol

  3. What a wonderfully beautifull book, you showed here, I just love the labyrinth of nature, and all the little things captured inside, and the celtic knot is so beautifully made.Congratulations wit a fantastic and special book.

  4. oh kim, what a magnificent creation! i soooooo love every little nook and cranny -- every detail and all of the fabulous treasures! you've really outdone yourself and added to this already gorgeous book to make it a masterpiece!

    is that a lense on the "please touch..." page? love it, whatever it is! and all of the wonderful collections of gorgeous items -- just perfect! well done, lady!

  5. this is just gorgeous, love the resin and the please touch! you nailed it!! xo

  6. This is gorgeous all the textures and the showcase of nature! Knots are one of my favorite things and that celtic knot you made is the best..what a great idea and such a fitting to Lisa's book!

  7. i keep coming back to look at this -- you did SUCH a great job!!! i LOVE your knotwork. that is just amazing! i got a little knotwork piece to put into lisa's book in december and it looked hand-sized and when it came it was scarcely the size of a fingertip. i absolutely adore knotwork -- it's one of my favorite things. how did you do that, genius lady?

  8. Here I am...always far behind everybody else...another busy day at work and home I'm afraid! And my late nights over the weekend are beginning to catch me up, do now I'm fighting to stay awake....grrrr. Oh, but Kim! This really is magnificent! I hope we can get it onto NZ shores in one piece. If we can, then I'm going to meet up with Lisa so I can have a REALLY good look at it and TOUCH it! Those are awesome sentiments. I get really frustrated when I go to an art gallery and have to stay behind the line, coz art should be more than just looking I reckon!!!
    Anyway - my favourite thing here, among all these amazing goodies is definitely the knot work! It is just incredible and I want one!!!!!!!

  9. such great ideas and work. I love the concept of being able to 'touch' and interact with art work and would love to do 'more out of the frame' work with my own art . . . . very inspiring.


  10. Oh it is wonderful..Truly..Truly.

  11. Such talent, just a shame i dont get time to stop by more often and enjoy it, your work is amazing :)
    hugs minxy