Sunday, February 7, 2010

Debrina's finished contribution to "Alicia's Museum of Forgotten Things"

Page 1, above...
Note how much the book has changed since I first began it...

Pages 2 & 3 
Pages 4 & 5
Page 6 - the exhibits box with accompanying notes

Close up of exhibits
Detail of barn
Hester in her youth (ghost effect intentional)

Detail of Notes page
To find out more about the story behind the work, come and visit me over at  Debrina's Diary.


  1. Ok dollys! It's up. My completed pages for Alicia's "Museum of Forgotten Things"...skypeing you now, Alicia!

  2. Wow! Alicia is going to be very happy! I love your box of exhibits and and the stick thingee bound in cloth and thread. Can't wait to get my hand on this and see it in the real. I'm loving pages 1 and 2...the colours, textures, layers....yummy indeed!

  3. this is just magnificent! love everything about it and the ghostly image is so very perfect! spectacular work Deb!!

  4. wow Deb.. amazing..i love all those many layers of textures and colors on the cover..and the mystery of the compartments inside.. quite a surprise as it's not what you would expect given the cover! I agree with Lisa.. i love the fabric and wire covered stick on the cover too!

  5. i will just reiterate everything i said last night. i lovelovelove each and every page, element, texture and colour here. you have done such a magnificent job and i love you! i adore how everything you've done is so debs, yet so many little things carry over, like the left of my charlotte page and the left of your cover -- totally different, but somehow similar. the use of micro beads like you said last night, etc. i keep coming back and looking again, and again and again and i'm just so in love!!

    it's funny too, how you picked up on all the secret bits of my weird little story that i didn't share. we are so in sync, lady. hester's secret life, secret daughter (charlotte), etc. crispy old husband on the un-finished forensic page (not that forensics of that nature existed then but i adore the science so screw it). i love all of the little things in the box that further tell the story, laid out so perfectly and delicately. it's just magnificent. i'm going to have to buy a big glass case for this book when it returns as it's already my most prized possession and it's not even finished yet.

  6. Hey lovelies, I've just this minute updated my own blog:
    filling you in on the story so far and a bit of history about our collab - although, Lisa S, you might want to do a better one.

  7. ooh, i'm off to check it now. we were updating our blogs in unison, but mine doesn't have anything you haven't seen.

  8. This is such a great take on Alicia's storyline Debs. Love the box of exhibits and all the details that have gone into this creation. This is such a fun addition and I agree not what anyone would have been expecting. Great textures and layering. Magnifique!

  9. Hey Kim and you other lovely ladies. I can't wait till we do the next round - this collaboration just keeps getting better and better and better! I have already had one serious request from a friend begging me to exhibit my contributions (which is hard because we are all contributing to each others' book). I don't know what you others think but maybe we should seriously consider it when we have finished with Pulp Redux.

  10. i would consider it once they are complete, under the right circumstances and such. fo sho.

    p.s. if you didn't get my email, you are going to HATE me when you get home, debs.

  11. Debrina, hi
    such a fantastic book, your front page is amazing, I love the rich colors and many layers, the kind of old dutch painters,look,the beautifull ghost, and the exhibit box.
    A wonderfull art work.