Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pulpy Happenings

Hello lovely visitors, so happy to have you drop by!
Things are hotting up around here! All of the Pulp Redux players are busy getting ready to post our books out on Feb 22nd and then the next round can begin. Wahoo! How exciting is that?  This has been a whole lot of fun for all of us so far and this is just round 1!
If your wondering what's happened to each of the books please scroll through our posts, we've been adding updates to the bottom of each post so although it may not look like a new post it may well contain a new and juicy can also find links to our blogs in the side bar.
Happy Creating:)


  1. How exciting! Guess what? I finished Alicia's last night!! Yay!!! I worked on it with what little time I could steal away yesterday and a a solid stint last night. I am so pleased with it, I can't wait to post the "finished" shots tonite!

  2. omg, i can't wait! i'm sooooooooo excited!!! you're finished!? that is just amazing -- you work fast, lady!

    i'm almost finished with kim's first two pages (i am doing a bit more than i thought and it's taking way longer than anticipated) so should be posting photos tomorrow or tuesday (your wednesday). then, brainstorming for the other pages. i have ideas, but nothing totally solid yet.

    yipee! can't wait to see, lady!! i so wish you weren't 3 hours behind in the day as i know i'll have to wait at least 6 or 8 hours to see. skype me when you get it up!!


  3. Will do, sweets!!!!!!!!! I hope you like it. My soul and my sweat and my tears have gone into it...but not my blood, as I haven't had any mishaps with the awl yet! Hee hee.

  4. you and i both know that i will adore it, sweets. already i'm just thrilled beyond words with what i've seen.

    and the bleeding on things is my job -- if it involves an awl, sewing needle or sharp bits of metal, it's inevitable. however, i'm quite handy with an exacto knife and haven't had any mishaps with that yet, amazingly.

    waiting on pins and needles over here...

    ring me if you can when you get home if you can (skype). i'm so excited!! ohoh, and i got jas a wee present today. :)