Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lisa's final contribution to Alicia's book - The Museum of Forgotten Things

I've completed my work in Alica's book and it has now departed
for Australia where Kim will work her magic in it.

For my contribution I've chosen to focus on Hester's wretched tale 
of betrayal after discovering her husband in an adulterous affair.

an amalgamation of layers and tatters including victorian textiles,
found rusty metals, wood, vintage text and books,
silk, antique lace, cabinet cards and bindings...

  front and back cover pages

inside spread

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  1. Lisa, your book pages, are once again full of wonderfull details-How fantastic to bind the rusted metal, as a womas corset,-and adding the rusted "corpus" to the side ,next to Hester! You know how to tell a fairytale, dear.

  2. Superb, Lisa! Bravo! What a tremendous amount of work you have put into this. I am feeling so inspired right now. I have finally started on Kim's book (sorry Kim, art fairs have kept me a wee bit busy of late) and this just gets me excited all over again!

  3. just fantastic, love the body form and I am heading over to your blog now!

  4. This is so gorgeous! Everything works so well together to tell the tale! Very successful!!! Congrats!!!!

  5. So much work and thought has gone into this artwork Lisa. An amazing result! Fantastic!!!

  6. thank you all for your kind remarks! i enjoyed the process here...

  7. oh lisa, i just love this!! it's just gorgeous beyond words but having held this in my hands and felt all of the amazing layers and textures, i have to say it's even better in person, which i know would be surprising to everyone seeing it here because it's PERFECT. this collaboration has been so amazing and the fact that you were a part of it makes me swell with joy. i LOVE what you have done in my book!!!

    i have been out of the loop for a few days -- finn was quite sick with the flu and on monday we had to take him to the hospital... pneumonia. needless to say i was a tad side-tracked. so my apologies for not commenting sooner, sweets.

  8. Finally the internet is working again here, geesh, I'm completely over being cut off from the world! Now I really love this piece Lisa, and I can't wait to see it all! I love what everyone is doing for this collab! The textures and layering are wonderful, huge hugs for a great piece Lisa! Rust and lace... I'm drooling and having an eye crossing, mind wandering, spacey moment... Back again, but I love it all so much! :)

  9. Oh I love these pages...the colors, texture and subject matter really speak to me. What a wonderful project....the book is looking amazing.