Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kim's contribution to Debs Book- Through the eyeglass

I have almost finished my piece in Debs masterful creation 'Through the Eyeglass' but thought I had better update you all on the goings on.
Debs piece revolves around a central character, Maude. Now Maude has had some heartbreak in her life. After recovering from what appears to be a loveless marriage, Maude was finally free to return to the love of her life, Damien, and the two have been travelling the world happy to be back in each others arms again at last. Oh, I can hear all your little hearts fluttering already. But...
(You so know there has to be a but don't you.)

Somethings popped up!

Now don't go gettin all defensive thinking I'm ruining Maude's perfect life now she finally has her man here.

It's just that life has a way of sidetracking us all just when you think you have it all worked out!

And so...

On to the latest doings in the life of Maude and Damien.

Now Damien did have a life before he teamed up with young Maude you know!

And so now...

There's something about a map...

a little travel to parts unknown...

and the remains of a civilisation...

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and there's a brass book...

So, will you come with me to...

If you would like to catch the rest you will have to pop over to my blog for the finer details :)

So far that is...

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  1. Hi girls, just lettin ya know I'm almost finished Debs piece take a peek!

  2. Wowza! You've nearly finished my book pages? That's amazing Kim! I'm so excitied. That means it's one step closer to coming back home.
    I am really loving what you have revealed here...I love "mysteries" and intriques, as well as intricacies...which you have here, aplenty!!! I'm taking off to your blog now...I wanna know more! :-)

  3. "intrigues...!" I can't believe how bad my spelling and typos can be sometimes, lol!

  4. The amount of detail and work that you've put into this is simply amazing.

  5. Very beautiful blog you have here, thanks