Sunday, April 25, 2010

a drop of pulp: alicia's initial contributions to deb's book, through the eye glass

i'm being a bit intentionally obscure on my post because i want debs to be at least a little surprised when i'm finally finished. but, i haven't posted in awhile either so feel i should post something.

so, without further ado, here are some photos i posted on my blog yesterday, as well as a few more showing what i did last night.

this piece is not complete, obviously, but it's a vintage lace covered glass-like dish of sorts with a lid. next post you can see it's purpose, but the glassy front felt eye-glass-esque and befitting for the title of the book.

this is a handle of sorts that serves a purpose that will soon be revealed.

just a bit of detail -- some crystal beads.

detail of another part of a page (told ya i'm being obscure!):

more pretty little beads. these are from the 1940s and are ever so pretty and somewhat shiny.

replicas of late 1800s train tickets, proving that the lovely couple (see deb's previous posts if you don't know what i'm talking about) got out and about in the world.

part of a collection of mementos and trinkets collected along the way. this button is from one of her dresses. i got two of them from my mum years ago and they were actually from the late 1800s, right when the story takes place. i couldn't resist splitting the pair so deb could have one in her book.

another peek at some of the treasures...

if you can tell me what this is, i'll give you a buck (close up detail of something special).

part of a pocket. i am not in love with this yet so i will either add to it or recreate it. i keep vacillating about this piece.

i made this out of candle wax, an old chinese coin, copper paint and a baby wipe. it's part of a collection of goodies to go into the above pocket.

a glimpse of a portion of the front of what the above wax seal is on.

i'm not sure where yet, but i MUST use this eye-glass looking lens. it has a five on it which represents the five of us who are working on each others books. such a lovely old lens!

that was my previous obscure post from my blog. last night, i got lots more done... and will show things a little more "finished".

this is the camio shown above that fits into the round glass-like "box" shown above. okay, it's a petri dish. shhhh. i've aged vintage lace, ribbon and fabrics. around the edge, you will see little metal "bits". these are pins -- like the kinds used for sewing. i had to cut them in half with wire cutters as they were initially too long but i wanted some extra detail around the edges. i think i'll add more.

no project is complete (for me) without a wee bit o' crackle! you can see it WAY better in the enlarged version of this photo.

sometimes i get my heart set on something without thinking. i aged these old hinges for days in vinegar only to find (once they were perfect) that they were way too big. whoops! i'll use them in another project of course, and have already come up with an alternative idea for this.

this is a special little bottom part on the main page:'s the top of a compartment, hinged with leather from a vintage dress (it wasn't mine!) and old metal bits. i made this box out of foam core and lots of other things and part of the lid warped. it will be fixed and flat by the time i'm done, thus less "gappy".

the flap door opens up to reveal a pretty little black velvet lined compartment, but i'm not going to tell you what will be living in the compartment yet.

with any luck, i should have this completed within the next week or so and will have LOTS more photos and perhaps a video too -- debs is such an inspiration and had the most fantastic idea. it will help to reveal how things unfold, move, etc., i think.


  1. okay ladies, i've posted a few photos -- some from the one most of you have already seen on my blog and some extras (i worked on deb's book last night). plus, these ones are bigger and enlargeable... if you want to take a looksy.

  2. By crikeys girl! This is even more fantastically amazing than your original blog posting! All this new stuff you've added here is making me giddy with excitement! I love the leather hinges and the aged looking pages. I can't wait to see the video to see how all this unfolds and closes up! Yes please!!!

  3. That black velvet box is great! I'm with Deb's, those leather hinges are just fantastic and i love what i can see on the top part of the lid. Your on a roll Alicia!

  4. Most intriguing Alicia this loooks fabulous! Love all the sneaky peeks and detail shots but of course I want to see the whole! Roll on the video!

  5. love what you've shown here and waiting for more mystery to be revealed! loving the newest addition.. the box! one can only imagine...

  6. Wow I will be back to look at this again as there is so much to see. Debs is so lucky to get this work of pure love.

    love Dawn xx

  7. yes indeed art is a crazy thing, our brains just tic-tic-tic!! away for the next window to open an inspiring thought and off with it we go.

    Love your plan and box is great!!


  8. Amazing and so very tantalizing!!!!!! Love it all!