Friday, May 27, 2011

roots beneath the layers: a peek at alicia's contribution to lisa j's book

i am finally nearing the end of the first half of my last book, "roots beneath the layers", in the pulp redux collaboration. this is lisa jurist's book and i have LOVED working on it. thankfully i'm not done yet, but felt i should post a few photos to satisfy our wonderful viewers' expectations (we've been WAY too quiet in pulp-land)!

because i was the last person to work on lisa's book and will not have to send it overseas, i took the liberty of including lots of natural bits that i collected from around my yard and neighborhood, and some farther corners of the state of oregon and washington. all bits and pieces have been hand-picked and hand-dried by me, with the exception of a few of the twigs. AND, i hand-stitched every little bit of this -- not a single machine stitch included.

think of my contribution of alice in wonderland collides with nature, a sprinkling of steampunk, a potential hint of taxidermy and many, many secrets. looking at the sides of the pages reminds me of walking through a forest as a young girl.

"alice", the girl in this image, is on a secret door. i've been working on this for a very long time and just last night my husband realized the large compartment under her image was there. i thought that was pretty funny that he didn't notice it until now. other secret nooks and crannies hide in the pages too. i hope lisa can find them all.

to see more photos and some of the secrets, check out my blog:



  1. hiya girlas -- i've just posted some pulp peeks of lisa's book if you want to take a moment to see it...

  2. i hope i can find them all too...fantastic Alicia...i love the texture, mystery and bits of woven them together into an amazing ethereal story of words and images...enchanting!

  3. It all look luscious and yummy, diffidently makes me want to look further!

  4. I can't believe it has taken me so long to pop in here! Well I'm here now and love the sneaky peeks Alicia. The forest colours are gorgeous ans the twiggy piece just adds to it all. Love that there are hidden elements to the piece as well of course. Very yummy!