Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Debrina's Contribution to Kim's Fragments, Vestiges and Remains...

My contribution to Kim's Book - Pulp Redux
Full page spread - Pulp Redux (reversible - the page folds again to reveal the other half of the Scottish Flag, the St George Cross)
Here we go girlas! Not much but enough to make Kim happy, hopefully!! I'm using my new walnut stains, acetate and specially bought fibres, fabrics and paper for my contribution. E.g. the baby, above, is printed in sepia on acetate and then mounted on a playing card with the most delightful, beautiful filigree pattern on the back (more of that later). You can remove the baby from her pouch/envelope too, btw!  ANYWAY, to read all about my contribution, click HERE!

What precious little thing is in that envelope?

Ahhhh...an unborn baby: the promise of hope and a new start in life.  Children were often born on board ship on the way over to our shores or shortly after landing.


  1. You have perfect timing Debs! I am on the computer because I am too dang knackered to do anything else! (Kids and I just won 3rd equal in sand sculpture comp!) I'm just in the mood for some pulpy inspiration! Will go see your blog for the other half of my inspiration dose!

  2. Oh it is fantastic Debrina- love how colors reminds me of the sea,in it`s every kind of mood! The hinges are fabulous, big and heawy,and the lock on the envelope,too--made me think of the power it takes to labor a baby-small and fragile--- So beautifull, dear.

  3. beau travail..et les couleurs sont magnifiques!

  4. One more amazing contribution!

  5. Oh, I've been caught up here with life stuff and missed your post! Lovely Debs, love the poem and the ideas here. The scottish flag is of particular significance to me as my fathers family hail from Scottish origins, (hence the red hair!) so this is particularly close to my heart! I'm off to your blog to find out more, but these glimpses are fantastic! Hugs my friend I love it!

  6. fantastic Deb..amazing contribution...you and Alicia love those in vitro babies..maybe you both need another baby! those hinges are perfection...off to your blog to see the rest...

  7. oh yes, i love the fetuses and bablets indeed. i've been using them in my work for years and years... probably because i want another, ha! if i had enough dollars to adopt, my house would be filled with babies. :)

    i love those hinges and metal bits too, and recognize the mini envelope. how sweet! loving the blues and earthy browns.

    and kim! i'm so glad you are okay!! i've been so worried about you!

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  9. Bonjour,
    I don' speak english very well but I can say : marvellous ! Beautiful creations !
    Sarreve (France)

  10. Hi Sarreve and bonjour too! You are most welcome.

  11. every part of these pages is fascinating to me. roxanne

  12. The richness of these pages evokes a thoughtful approach to your work. Love the textures, the layering, the detailing. All of it speaks so much of sustained thought with quality work in an inspired manner.
    Very beautiful.
    Like a rare and precious archeological find.....