Thursday, July 1, 2010

alicia's final contributions to deb's book: through the eye glass (part 2 of 2)

i have finally completed deb's book and found the time to photograph it. here are a couple of photos of the completed book, and you can see about three times more on my blog: altered bits

if you missed the first post, you can view it here.

i reshot a few photos of the color because it looked a little too pink before. this is a more accurate representation.

previously, i had not revealed what was in this lower compartment on the main page because i hadn't finished it.

it's an owl... because deb loves owls.

actually, an owl necklace. i am NOT a jewelry person so it looks like it barely made it through those hundred and fourteen or so years... but the thought behind it was sweet, i hope.

the back page is a huge ol' pocket that houses all of the paperly things they collected along their travels.

here are the items: altered postcard, a map, a photo or three, something else...

the backs of two of the items. i had a lot of fun fashioning that wax seal out of paint and... wax.

i'll be shipping this off to kim the moment i find a box large enough -- and that is my quest for tomorrow.


  1. okay ladies, i've posted a few final photos of deb's book here, and more on my blog in case you want to take a peek. now i'm back off to take care of the little man for the night (he was in the hospital yesterday -- us poor mums of sicky boys!!!)

    hugs to you all and hope you're great!

  2. Alicia, this is so've put so much heart and soul into this wonderful work...details galore and a fabulous story to go along with's texturally yummy and delicious and full of delightful eye candy...Deb should be tickled pink!

  3. Oh wow! I have owl envy! lol. This final reveal is utterly fantastic on all levels...and there's more on your blog? Wahoo!
    Will email later:)

  4. Oh Alicia!!! This is just brilliant and so so thoughtful and sweet on top of it all. Such a wonderful treasure and Deb is so lucky for all your thoughtfulness.

    I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that you asked me to do a book collab with you. It's a great honor and I just hope I'm up to it especially when I look at things like this. Wow!

    It's totally stunning; totally gorgeous! I'm one lucky, lucky lady!! Like I said on skype, the owl is my favourite thing there...but the oriental touches are just superb!!! Oh hell, lady, everything is just 150% more amazing than I could ever have dreamed of!

  6. This looks amazing Alicia! Love all the travellers bits you have put into this piece, and the owl is gorgeous! You know I can't help but laugh as I watch everyone's pieces unfold and realise how well all our ideas blend together! I have had very similar ideas to many of you girls about things to include in everyone's books, so it's funny to watch what you have all done and go hey I thought about that too, LOL! I would love to see everyone's books together when they are all completed and spend some time drooling, err browsing! We must plan a holiday together, wouldn't that be fun!

  7. I still want to eat this, btw.

  8. you'll be able to soon. :) though not sure how good it would taste. probably a bit like dusty old lace and coffee.