Monday, May 24, 2010

Lisa J's contribution to Kim's book Fragments, Vestiges & Remains

I've finally finished my piece in Kim's lovely book. So far all of the participants have created a piece based on a historical event in their homeland. For my part, I've used the extraordinary photographs of Dorothea Lange to assemble a piece about the midwest migrant farmers in the1930s...a time of hope and despair when the worst drought of modern American history struck the Great Plains. I've also used some quotes from "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck as his novel is based upon these people and their stories.

This is the spread as it appears in Kim's book. On the left I've created a collage out of an 1800s quilt remnant and used vintage and found hardware for a timeworn appearance.

I've made a small book with Dreams to Dust stamped on the cover and a quote within. The book is constructed of recycled materials.

This is the top of the second page where I've constructed and album that fits within the book. You can see by the paper clips where Kim gave us each a block of pages to use. I tore the edeges of my pages and stained them so they would layer up as with age and create depth. Speaking of depth.. sorry Kim but your book is now hugely thick from my addition as it is impossible for me to create anything even remotely flat!

The album.....suffering and resilence.
 Photographs of mothers with their children as there is no stronger sense of determination
found than that of a mother fighting for her children and family.

Flip the pages and the next spread on the left and then the right.

close up of the last page...

The photograph on this page is raised up on a block as is the photograph of the steer skull.
When the book is closed they fit into each other like puzzle pieces.

For additional details click here.


  1. Lisa, dear,
    your heart must have hurt when working with this fantastic testemomi, of times from the 1930.
    How terribly difficult those wemens , (people) life have been.
    Your part of this beautifull book, is of fantastic beauty, -you used those wonderfull photoes, in the most gorgeus way, -as alwayes your work made of many small different items, has grown together, as if they has alwayes belonged together. Your story told is of a very speciel beauty, dear Lisa.
    Hugs and love Dorthe

  2. this, my sweet friend, is a masterpiece! i am just in awe. i totally agree with dorthe -- you've put all of these wonderful little items together in a manner that looks like they have always belonged together. such a touching story with magnificent photos, and the perfect lisa magic -- i lovelove it and know kim will treasure it always.

    i'd love to see a side view of how the book looks now. :) like a star-burst, i imagine.

  3. Thank you both! Yes Alicia.. the book does not close. I predict Deb will need to perform spinal surgery to get her piece in there.LOL Unfortunately I've been a height hog and it is quite like a starburst. A challenge for Kim when she receives it again!!!

  4. how fun though!! debs, if you are able to do spinal surgery, i would LOVE to know the dimensions again as i had several items saved for two more pages that i didn't think would fit. if you cut it up, it would surely fit!

    i can't stop looking at these pages, lisa. gorgeous stuff!!!

  5. this is just gorgeous and heart wrenching as well as beautiful and Kim is going to adore it! just fab work!!

  6. This is a such a beautiful, sad, tender, loving piece I am almost stuck for words! You have created stunning pages and every thoughtful colour and embellishement is perfect!
    I'm in awe! Lucky Kim:)

  7. Beautiful page. Your work is inspiring. I'm sure Kim is going to love it.

  8. Wowza Lisa! What a beautiful and truly harmonious addition to Kim's book! I love the careful detailing and the stitching! Your colours are, as ususual, beyond compare! Did you also stitch the scene of the family looking out towards the mountains? What a stunning and masterful contribution you have made.

  9. deb, i found that scene on the cover of an old copy of "the grapes of wrath"!

  10. This is just fabulous. Love the combination of texture, photos, found objects. Just spectacular! Riki

  11. I loved the sneak peeks before and I love the whole now I have seen it Lisa. It is just superb! I am giggling away at all of us and our inability to create anything flat! Love the dimensionality, textures and subject matter you have chosen. The photographs are a wonderful illustration to the story and are indeed quite moving and beautiful. Fantastic job Lisa I love it all! Go that starburst and it's fine if Debs needs to perform surgery, LOL!

  12. This is a reayly great blog , much to learn for me .
    Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥

  13. Every time I see pages from this collaboration I am blown away. And these pages are no exception. I hope one day I get to see these books in person!

  14. Just had to come by for another peek after seeing this on your blog. Yep, it's still that good I wasn't imagining. : )

  15. Your album is just beautiful!

  16. What a fantastic piece of work. The vintage feel is amazing.

  17. Hi Kim, thank you so much for your warm comment. I SO appreciate it! Yep, I'm feeling a bit creative again. I can't tell you how much I love your work, just fabulous. Big hug, Riki

  18. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing Lisa's incredible work with us. THe story is dear to my heart, especially as I see todays farm hands working under the hot sun along HWY 1 when I drive between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

    Wishing you all the very best,